Maitland Ward Nude Pics

If you grew up in the nineties, then chances are that you know exactly who Maitland Ward is. She was the squeaky clean, girl next door type who also happened to be one of the main character’s roommates. While this may come as a surprise, it probably won’t bother you in the least that the now grown up woman is quite the exhibitionist who loves to show off her lovely body to her adoring fans.

She loves to show off so much, in fact, that she just posted a few risque videos to her snapchat that very clearly show her beautiful tits. The short videos show her seductively reading poetry to someone who is probably much more interested in her assets than her teaching skills.

In her husky, breathy voice, she recites the lines from her poetry book with her cleavage acting as her teaching assistant. Finally, once class is dismissed and the class ends for the day, she sent out a lovely thank y0u picture that finally let her tits break free from their cotton/polyester blend bonds and shine in their own glory.

If you love the story of a boy meeting the world, then you’re going to love the story of Maitland Ward’s nipple meeting snapchat. Her poses are just as sensual as her voice and she definitely knows how to keep an audience captive. If you get a chance, you should definitely check out her social media accounts. Who knows when the next gift of her lovely skin will come across your screen? Until that happens, these Maitland Ward nude pics won’t let you down!maitland-ward-baxter-braless-2-mp4_snapshot_00-00_2016-10-08_04-25-32 maitland-ward-baxter-braless-4-mp4_snapshot_00-00_2016-10-08_04-25-55 maitland-ward-baxter-braless-6-mp4_snapshot_00-00_2016-10-08_04-26-14 maitland-ward-baxter-braless-7-mp4_snapshot_00-00_2016-10-08_04-26-34 maitland-ward-tits-2-768x432


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