Kesha Nude Pics

Kesha has been in the news again recently, and sometimes it just makes sense to step back and remember what someone looks like without their clothes on, or, in her case, what they look like when they have a big, old pair of nuts in their mouth.  While she’s never been all that shy about showing off her body, whether or not someone wanted to see it, finding her completely in the nude is a bit tricky to come by, although there are plenty of opportunities to see her covered in that cum.

She seems to have a bad habit of showing herself in worse situations than simple nudes would account for. Although you can’t find her totally in the buff, she likes to have pictures of herself taken while right in the middle of a coital coupling that typically results in seeing her in much more intimate situations, such as the one below where her chest is covered in some guy’s splooge.

Either way, it’s still nice to see her in some setting that doesn’t involve a hangover in a bathtub. She’s thought of as being one of the particularly intelligent celebrities to grace our airwaves,  but that doesn’t mean she’s not a total slut. If you can find a girl that will suck on your balls like a popsicle, then let you drop your load right on her chest and take a picture, then you’ve found yourself a keeper and you should be proud. If she also happens to be a rich singer, then you’ve won life.


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