Jennifer Lawrence Nude Pics

It seems that Jennifer Lawrence just can’t keep it in her pants since she’s now the subject of yet another sex tape that got leaked onto the internet. Although we’ve all seen her gorgeous body before, not to mention a pic of her face with a generous helping of cum on her lips, what sets this tape and the images that have come from it apart is the fact that now we all get to see, in very nice detail, that J-Law likes to keep her pretty little pussy shaven and smooth for all of its visitors.

Now, to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with a hot blonde who likes sex. In fact, its women like her who make the world go round. However, when half of your sexual conquests end up online for the world to see, then it’s probably time to start calling your lovers what they really are.  The lucky penises who get to take a trip down Lawrence Lane, and the men who are attached to them, are basically just revolving characters in the online reality show that is her growing collection of sex tapes and nude pics.

Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous and she keeps her body is pristine condition, but it’s the effort that she puts into keeping her lady bits free and clear of even the slightest stubble that really defines her as a person. Although her pussy has become a cruising spot for anyone hot enough to read well on camera, the outside is as inviting as the facade of a brand new mansion. Keep it up, Jen!

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