Emily Ratajkowski Nude Pics

The gorgeous and talented Emily Ratajkowski has shown off a lot of her herself in the time that she’s been in the public eye, but some new leaked pics show her off in her most intimate moments and they are more than worth the price of admission. No one is certain who she was sending these pictures to, but the recipient is one lucky person who seemingly has the power to turn on one of the hottest women on the planet at will.

In fact, the pictures that she took of herself just happen to be of her right in the middle of a steamy masturbation session that hopefully left her drained and satisfied and ready for a good night’s sleep. You can clearly see her slender, lady-like fingers going to town of her own throbbing clitoris, proving that she is a master of multitasking since she had the presence of mind and steadiness of hand to snap a few photos for her adoring audience. Although, if she’s as expert at ringing her own bell as she seems, then she may just have incredibly steady hands to begin with.

The best part about the whole thing is that pictures only go to show just how pretty her little pussy is. There are no flaps or unsightly folds of skin, it’s just sexy and compact, just like the rest of her body. If anyone ever wanted to imagine just what sleeping with her would be like, then getting and eyeful of what she’s packing will certainly help.


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