Anna Kendrick Nude Pics

Although Anna Kendrick still hasn’t given us any nude selfies to work with, what she has just given us is enough to keep us going until one of her private sex tapes inevitably makes its way into the light of day. She was re4cetnly at an event on the red carpet and decided to wear a very sheer and very see-through shirt that should have managed to cover up her tits for the entire evening. However, she made the decision to go commando that day and one of her nipples worked its way through the dark confines of her shirt and poke out just to say hello to all of the cameras in attendance as they happily snapped away and captured the image you see before you.

As can clearly be seen, she’s just as hot without her clothes as she is when she’s wearing them. Her nipple isn’t too big and definitely isn’t too small. It must have been a chilly night since it’s completely erect, which makes the picture even more magnificent.

Anna is and always will be a gorgeous woman and everyone with a pulse will keep clamoring to see what she looks like in the buff, but this treat will have to keep up going for awhile. For some reason, even though she lives in front of the camera, she’s just too classy to take it all off and that somehow makes her seem all the hotter because of it. We’ll take this for now, Anna. Thank you.


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